From Private Sector Research to Policy

Noblis research widely circulated throughout the energy economic, policy, and security communities; recently briefed at the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford

Deriving policy recommendations from private sector research is the way of the future. It cultivates private-public partnerships, and opens the door for innovations that have the capacity to solve real-time national challenges. An example of this practice is “Power Begins at Home,” a recent report conducted by Noblis, and sponsored by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

The report discusses the importance of energy security on military installations, and the economic and performance advantages of micro grids. It provides actionable solutions that will increase energy security, and reduce costs for the Department of Defense.

The issues explored in this report are bipartisan— ensuring energy security at military installations is an increasingly daunting challenge for the DoD. Without a resilient energy infrastructure, military installations are vulnerable to natural disaster, weather-related incident, physical attack, or cyber attack. These potential vulnerabilities could severely compromise operations, and pose a major threat to national security.

“Power Begins at Home” has been widely circulated and read throughout the energy economic, policy, and security communities. Noblis Chief Scientist Jeffrey Marqusee, who spearheaded the report, has provided his research to Capitol Hill staffers and other influencers in the federal government.

Dr. Jeffrey Marqusee also briefed the report at the Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy Roundtable, a gathering that included some of the top energy industry researchers, academics, and regulators in the country.

The roundtable was led by Arun Majumdar, former Director of ARPA-e, with the Honorable Former Secretary of State George Schultz and Former Secretary of Energy William Perry in attendance. The report received highly positive reception at the event, and following Dr. Marqusee’s presentation, The Honorable Schultz and Perry, the Precourt Institute for Energy, and the Hoover Institute, all stressed support for Noblis’ recommendations.

“These research partnerships are extremely crucial in providing the federal government with research they need to develop actionable policy,” said Dr. Jeffrey Marqusee. “As a nonprofit, Noblis has a unique ability to provide unbiased recommendations for policy on critical issues like energy security. We thank our commissioners, The Pew Charitable Trusts, and look forward to providing actionable research on this topic in the future.”

To read “Power Begins at Home,” click here.