An Intern’s Perspective: My First Day at Noblis

Marketing & Communications intern Kaitlyn Horinko recaps her first day of Noblis’ Summer Internship Program

On the morning of June 4, Noblis’ Reston HQ officially welcomed 57 new interns for the first day of the 2018 program! According to our introductory presentation, this year marked another record-breaking intern class size, with interns from universities and hometowns all over the country.

On the first day, we were welcomed to Noblis and interns and employees alike donned college gear to represent their school. This led to quick networking, with interns discussing school rivalries, college sports, and their various programs of study. Wearing my Virginia Tech shirt led me to talking to so many new people, who I bonded with over Virginia Tech traditions, and learning new things about other schools.

On our first day, we had a packed schedule, from learning about the company and culture, to visiting an escape room and putting our teamwork skills to the test at the end of the day. Various groups worked against the clock to escape their room, only relying on each other and the occasional clue. My team worked diligently, and we were able to solve the challenges and escape within an hour! Every part of the orientation ran organized between different groups, so that we were onboarded smoothly, feeling confident and prepared for the summer ahead, with time for fun and socializing built-in.

Some highlights of our day included learning about safety and security, with visits from company officials, as well as a building tour, where we got the chance to explore our new summer workspace. The open floor plan of the Noblis headquarters makes the space welcoming, and my new friends and I were anxious to see our desks and meet our respective managers. All of the interns even got the privilege of hearing from Noblis President and CEO, Amr ElSawy. He congratulated us on our accomplishments, gave more background on Noblis, and addressed any questions asked.

“I think that being able to communicate with the leadership of the company shows that the culture of the company is friendly and encouraging,” said Yash Jain, a rising sophomore studying at Virginia Tech “It made me feel welcomed”. Yash also said he could tell that the leadership of Noblis cares about the interns and our impact.

The summer internship program at Noblis is unique – not all interns work at the same office or on the same project. In fact, at the end of the summer, we are given the special opportunity to present our summer-long project to the CEO and company executives. The real-world projects that interns complete aren’t just busy work, they take on meaning as they are applied to make a difference, as Amr ElSawy stated when he gave an example of an intern’s app created at Noblis being utilized by a real Noblis client.

At Noblis, interns are encouraged to speak up, and share bold ideas. The open-door policy of Noblis makes the office a great place to collaborate and gain great perspective from employees and executives alike. Company officials made it clear that they are readily available to speak with us about anything, including our career area of interest. The care and intent behind each Noblis employee showcases the networking power behind Noblis.

Additionally, ethics is key to the culture and style of work Noblis does. When it comes to something as serious as ethics, Noblis puts policy into practice. During the time Amr ElSawy spoke to us, he placed great emphasis on what it means to be ethical and presented on how Noblis hopes to shape the future with improvements through honest collaboration. Interns at Noblis are encouraged to speak up and say something if they see something – resources like the ethics hotline are advertised to interns for use.

The 10-week program at Noblis is intended to give interns everything they need to succeed, with projects matched directly to fitting candidates. Real-world projects are given so that interns’ time at Noblis holds value. Noblis holds interns to a high standard, with a growing percentage of current employees having formerly interned with the organization. In addition, Noblis leaves room for networking, mentorship, and other professional development opportunities. Weekly intern lunches, speaker visits, and more lie ahead for this summer’s class – and I could not be more excited!

About the Author:
Kaitlyn Horinko is a rising senior studying Management and Marketing Management at Virginia Tech, set to graduate in Spring 2019. Kaitlyn is currently interning at Noblis as a Marketing & Communications Intern, joining the Marketing & Communications team.