The Making of A New Careers Site

Bringing a team together from different departments, domains, and offices to create your Noblis career user experience

The Challenge
Put simply, Noblis is growing. Since 2012, the company has nearly tripled in size. Every day, the recruiting team adds requisitions to the Noblis careers site, and connects with qualified applicants across the region. As a company that values each jobseeker’s interest, it was time to review the careers site. Is the job seeker being given what they need to decide if Noblis is their best fit?

That’s when a team of experts came together. Ideas flowed, expertise was exchanged, and the process began. In just nine weeks, the team needed to collaborate and turn the site around.

The Vision
Create a place where jobseekers can find their jobs quickly, on any device. And most importantly, create a seamless career seeking experience that allow the user to decide, “is this company for me?”

The Team & The Process
Imagine the moving parts. The recruitment team knew their goals, and how they wanted to present jobs on the page. The marketing team knew how they wanted the page to read and look. And the development team knew how they wanted it to run. Plus, several key team members worked remotely, on client projects, or in different offices. That’s a lot to keep in check!

Luckily, there were agile experts on the team. For those unfamiliar, the agile methodology allows a team to meet regularly, make short goals and constant improvements, and work towards a final end goal in a measurable way. And even though a lot of the team members were not familiar with agile (looking at you, marketing!), they learned. Research, writing, design, development, and review flowed seamlessly. The result? A new careers site! Now doesn’t this make you want to check out the rest of the website? We thought so.

The Testing
Noblis’ team of User Experience-Certified designers partnered with James Madison University’s Digital Communication Center (DigiComm) to test the usability of the site. DigiComm is an on-campus learning center made up of students who are trained to tutor students in digital communication. The students were given personas and tasks to complete on the careers site while Noblis designers observed the process the students took to complete these tasks. While we were able to make notes to improve our website, the students gained real-life user testing experience. It was a win-win!

Take a look at what our key team members have to say about working on the project!

“Researching the content of this site taught me a lot about putting myself in another’s shoes. What can I write that can compel, explain, and make clear why Noblis is so great? It’s natural to want to write in the way that sounds best to you. But it’s a challenge to write persuasively.”
–Allie Galoozis, Writer

“Working on this project was rewarding from start to finish. It was a challenge to design a site that fully encompassed the culture at Noblis, but by reaching out to employees across the company, we were able to find stories and tell them. It was great to see so many teams come together to quickly turn a site around with the job seeker in mind.”
–Alexa Senio, UX & Graphic Designer

“As a designer and web developer, this project is a portfolio piece that I am very proud to have worked on. I typically do client work, but on this project, it was rewarding to work with internal groups to solve a challenge. We researched, tested, and tried various methods until we knew we could deliver a product that our users found easy and enjoyable. I think we will find we were successful and created something beneficial to not only our job seekers, but Noblis as a whole.”
–Art Piatt, Designer and Developer

“Our goal for the project was to develop a fully mobile optimized career site that improved the candidate experience.  We targeted areas where we could make search more simplified and developed specific landing pages tailored for different populations.  It was great opportunity to refresh the content and make more crisp.  The results have been amazing.  Having an innovative platform will continue to engage and attract job seekers and increase employment brand awareness in the marketplace.”

–Dan Glass, Talent Acquisition Manager