Making Noblis Sticky

What does coaching Division 1 athletes have to do with running leadership programs at a science and technology company?

If you ask Angela Chiarenza from Noblis’ Organizational Development team, the parallels are innumerable.

The impact of leadership on a team was clear from the start of Angela’s career. After all, she was a Division 1 rowing coach. If her athletes were ever going to win a race, they needed to develop as a team, become leaders, and work together.

But for Angela, coaching didn’t stop when the race was over. “Being a coach gave me an opportunity to help others grow as individuals, not just athletes,” she said.

Coaching sparked a passion for developing others that has carried through Angela’s career. She earned a Master’s in leadership studies and is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. Through her career, she has helped a diverse array of people- from schools, the military, nonprofits, and large companies- embrace leadership.

“I enjoy being around people. I knew I wanted to facilitate programs that helped others achieve their goals,” she said. “Essentially, I knew I wanted to keep coaching.”

Today, Angela is still coaching leaders as an organizational development specialist at Noblis, where she applies her passion for developing leaders every day. She joined Noblis in 2014, after a cross-country move brought her to the D.C. metro area.

“[As a jobseeker], I was looking for a place where I could truly build employee development programs, and be given the support and resources to do it,” said Angela. After an interview with her future manager, she knew she had found what she was looking for. “It was clear at the end of that initial conversation that I had found the right place, and a company that cared.”

At Noblis, Angela has been instrumental in creating Noblis’ yearlong onboarding experience program and Leadership Development program. She says that the company’s dedication to welcoming and developing employees- which she believes “makes Noblis sticky”- is key to creating a workplace where people feel connected and thrive.

“When you develop others, you not only develop that person, but you give them the tools and skills to develop others,” said Angela. “You’re not just impacting a person’s work performance, but the way that they interact with the world.”