Reaching The Next Goal

Noblis employees share what “upward mobility” means to them, and how they’ve found opportunity for upward mobility at Noblis

Madeline Colaianni came to Noblis as a programming intern. Now, 10 years later, she’s a manager for the Corporate Information Management Web Team and manages a team of six. Needless to say, she’s experienced Noblis’ commitment to facilitating employees’ upward mobility first-hand.

“I think I did it by just asking for more responsibility in small steps once I was comfortable with what I was doing,” Colaianni said. “Never staying comfortable is so important. If you’re not learning and you’re not feeling challenged, then it’s time to find something new.”

Jay Liwanag, a Human Resources Professional at Noblis, agrees that the key to achieving upward mobility is to actively seek opportunity.

“Noblis provides so many opportunities for people to challenge themselves to do something out of the norm,” he said. “But people also have to take the initiative.”

Liwanag also believes that nourishing productive relationships is key in achieving upward mobility.

“We have so many great minds in this building – why not take a moment to ask someone if you can sit with them,” he said. “When you take the time to build a relationship, you actually learn a lot about yourself. And you can’t move forward unless you know what you want and who you are.” – Jay Liwanag

Though it may seem intimidating at first, Liwanag encourages people, especially young career professionals, to observe and facilitate conversations with those in higher positions. Instead of being discouraged when others are successful, he suggests taking the time to pick their brain and figure out why they are so successful. And he’s taken his own advice— making it a priority to sit down and talk to Noblis President and CEO Amr ElSawy.

“Amr is amazing. He’s one of the most open presidents I’ve ever worked for. He’s accessible,” Liwanag said. “When he has the time, he will give it to you. He genuinely cares what you’re thinking. I hope to soak in as much as I can from people like Amr. You can learn from other people’s success.”

According to Liwanag, “upward mobility” is about much more than simply getting promoted. It’s about lateral change as well, broadening and developing one’s skillset by branching into different areas of the business.

“The way I see it, it’s not about promotions,” Colaianni said. “It’s about taking steps to get you to your ultimate goal. It’s good to have big goals, but if you just start doing little things along the way to expose yourself to something new, those things become the little stepping stones that get you there.”