Email and Phishing Scam Alert

Noblis has been made aware of scam attempts which falsely use the Noblis name and logo and/or impersonate a Noblis employee or representative. The scam requests personal information, payment or actions, targeting job seekers. The scam messages are being sent primarily by email. However, they could be sent via phone or text messages using various channels like WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Facebook, etc.

Examples that we have identified so far include:

  • Messages appearing from a fake domain that is very similar to Noblis, (example: is a fake account (official Noblis domains are, and
  • Messages informing a job seeker that they are in consideration for a job or have been selected for a job and requesting payment to cover costs associated with applying for employment at Noblis. (Noblis will never ask for payment to interview or work with our company).
  • Messages offering to schedule an interview for potential employment (these have included Zoom links, Noblis does not use Zoom) and/or requesting jobseekers to complete forms and/or provide personal information (including photo of ID) be sent via email. (Noblis uses a secure application portal and does not request this type of information via email).
  • Messages appearing to come from Noblis, with links to phishing sites.

Individuals or organizations who have been affected or have questions on the validity of correspondence appearing to come from Noblis can email

The following are some ways to determine if jobs are legitimately posted by Noblis and confirm actions that align with Noblis’ job application, interview and hiring process:

  • Noblis posts all of our open positions on our Careers website at
  • We also post on job boards and on social media. To verify if a job opening is valid, check our careers website or contact us at
  • We will not hire through text message/social media/email alone.
  • We will not send you a check to cash on our behalf or ask that you pay for anything as part of the application or hiring process.
  • Review our hiring process here.

The following are resources for reporting such scams and to learn more: