Noblis Experience Corporate Award Winner

The Noblis Experience Corporate Award recognizes employees who go above and beyond to deliver consistently exceptional service to customers and colleagues. This series spotlights the recipients of this award and their stories.

Meet Christina Gannett

Christina Gannett

Christina Gannett is a project manager on the Resilience and Sustainability team in Noblis’ Defense mission area. She is an avid Noblis Champion, consistently demonstrating how proud she is to work for an organization that prioritizes making our nation safer by protecting human health and the environment.

Facilitating Meetings Respectfully and Efficiently

Christina facilitated a series of meetings that included participants from across her customer’s organization. The meetings were intentionally designed to gather input from stakeholders on remediation contacts, which can last up to 10 years. Using the information gathered, the team was able to effectively manage the contract, plan intensive reviews of work, plan document tracking and predict the level of effort of our customer. Christina is known for handling every situation respectfully and calmly, coming up with solutions that consider all viewpoints and ideas without compromising the mission.

Creating Efficiencies and Innovative New Processes

Christina keeps projects on track and ensures the customer’s work is completed efficiently and well, in line with Noblis’ standards for excellence. She tracks divergent pieces of multiple projects and communicates well with the customer about difficult topics, remaining cool, even in a crisis. She ensures efficiency and cost reduction where possible, to include tracking tasks so the team can answer customer questions quickly (resulting in fewer meetings for issue resolution and shorter meetings when held). Her dedication was evident when she prioritized a request by her team for a proposal review. Her commitment to efficiency and excellence paid off when the deadline was moved up and the team was able to submit the proposal earlier than planned.

Her innovative solutions have also enabled process improvements. For a difficult document approval and signing process, Christina’s solutions allowed her team to ensure that the numerous documents were routed in the appropriate order and were easy for the signatories to complete while being fully compliant and audit ready.

Acting with Integrity

Christina acts with integrity and truthfulness in every situation, always aiming to do what’s right, even within budget and time constraints. She is a go-to problem solver for her team and is respectful and unflappable both with her Noblis colleagues and her customer.

Congratulations, Christina, on receiving the Noblis Experience Corporate Award! And thank you for bringing the Noblis Experience to life!

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