"I started at Noblis 24 years ago as an admin assistant and now I'm a senior manager."Our employees share why they love working here.

Meet Tiffini

Tiffini has been with Noblis for 24 years and is currently a senior manager for the finance and accounting team. She started at Noblis as an administrative assistant within the billing department. While working here, she earned her undergraduate degree in Business Administration and then took advantage of Noblis’ educational assistance benefit to obtain her MBA. She shared, “Through the years, and with the help of my leadership, I have learned and excelled at various aspects of finance and accounting. As a result, I am now a senior manager on my team.”

How would you describe the work atmosphere at Noblis? 

Although the company has grown a lot over the years, my department is full of employees who average 20 years of service – people stay here. Noblis has created an atmosphere of trust, forward-thinking results, accountability and – most importantly – investing in professional development.  This forward-thinking is what keeps Noblis ahead of the curve in many areas. It’s fantastic.

What benefits do you enjoy most at Noblis? 

For myself and my staff, one of the best benefits is the option for a hybrid work schedule allowing us to work in the office or remote as appropriate. In addition, our early career employees are given the opportunity to invest in themselves by utilizing the educational assistance program benefit. Lastly, our leadership receives manager essentials training to continuously grow their ability to support employees in their career paths.

Can you speak specifically to flexibility and inclusivity at Noblis? 

Diversity is important because with diverse opinions comes diversity of thought. Noblis has a fantastic diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) program that supports inclusivity.  Over the years the company has worked to thread inclusivity into our culture by supporting Employee Resource Groups, focusing on trends in recruitment and retention and many other initiatives.

What advice would you give someone interested in joining the Noblis family? 

I would encourage potential candidates to look at the longevity and financial stability of Noblis. I have enjoyed working here for so long because the company has evolved and been proactive, staying ahead of the curve to create an exceptional experience for employees.

What are some of your career goals?

My ultimate career goal is continuing to help lead the finance and accounting team into another great 24 years.