Noblis Experience Corporate Award Winner

The Noblis Experience Corporate Award recognizes employees who go above and beyond to deliver consistently exceptional service to customers and colleagues. This series spotlights the recipients of this award and their stories.

Meet Shannon Gregory

Shannon Gregory

Shannon Gregory is a team lead within Noblis’ Homeland Security Mission Area. In her role, Shannon creates and implements strategic communication plans, builds communication campaigns and develops multiplatform messaging plans to increase awareness around the customers’ initiatives and mission.

Shannon is a kind, inclusive, diligent and relentless teammate who leads by example with hard work and determination. She develops innovative solutions to increase efficiency and cohesiveness. She cares deeply about her work and her team and continuously goes above and beyond for the best of reasons. She anticipates her customer’s needs, makes her teammates feel valued and supported and embraces challenges with a positive attitude and open mind to develop new, innovative solutions.

Increasing Awareness both Internally and Externally

Shannon observed that the separate programs making up her customers’ network of partners were disjointed and not well informed about what was happening across the agency. In response, she created a meeting series with the goal to bring key personnel together for increased collaboration and to create opportunities to discuss ideas and initiatives.

In addition, Shannon saw opportunities to educate the public and industry partners. First, she developed a plan to revamp and redesign her customers’ website to increase awareness of partnership opportunities. She also worked on a newly developed partnership guide to educate industry partners on working with the agency.

Stepping Up to Become a Leader

After only a year on the team, Shannon was ready and able to step into the team leader rolewhen a previous lead left. Shannon took on numerous responsibilities and continued to prove herself to Noblis customers and her teammates. She singlehandedly wrote and delivered the objectives outlined in the communications plan for the launch of an innovation hub, which supports numerous projects for her customer.

Congratulations, Shannon, on receiving the Noblis Experience Corporate Award! And thank you for bringing the Noblis Experience to life!

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