A Look Inside the Noblis Onboarding Experience

How we attract and retain the very best.

The following story is from Jaime Heath, a project analyst in Noblis’ Defense Mission Area.

Image of Jaime next to the quote "That first impression let me know right away Noblis is unique."It may be a little bit of a cliché, but it’s a fact that you only get one chance at a first impression. I wanted to share my amazing onboarding experience at Noblis, because that first impression let me know right away that Noblis is unique.

As a first job out of college, working for Noblis has been great – but the outstanding experience actually began right from the recruitment process, where my Noblis recruiter made me feel welcome by providing friendly interaction and quick responses, rather than an automated feel, which is how recruitment can sometimes feel with large companies. She also reassured me that she was there to answer any questions I might have at any time. It was so helpful to have this guided support, rather than having to figure it out by myself.

The manager team who interviewed me didn’t just ask standard questions. They worked to get to know me personally and asked about personal career goals they could assist with. After being hired and joining the team, we continued discussions right away about how I would like to grow at Noblis both personally and professionally. This made me feel as though I was valued and not just another employee.

Right from my first day on the job – I was able to see the outstanding culture at Noblis. My team welcomed me with open arms and never treated me like “the new person.” They invited me to outings they had planned and didn’t hesitate to include me in anything going on in the office. They showed me around the customer location where much of our work would take place and told me about their favorite spots. It felt like I was able to have an instant connection.

I used the New Employee Toolkit on the company’s intranet site to get settled in. The most helpful resource for me was an employee checklist that outlined important actions I should take  in my first days, weeks and months to set up benefits, get familiar with the company and connect with others. I am definitely more of a list person, and the checklist broke down everything that we heard in our new employee onboarding and training and made it easy to follow. Onboarding can be overwhelming, but using the checklist made it easy!

From recruitment to interview and then through hiring and onboarding, I never felt as though the process was robotic or meant to just push me through a series of tasks. It felt like everyone had my best interests in mind and helped me to aim for the best outcome. Because of this great culture, I genuinely see myself staying at Noblis and cultivating a fulfilling career. I came in nervous as a recent graduate but am now sure that my choice to join Noblis was the right one.