"Everyone at Noblis has been invested in my professional growth from day one."Our employees share why they love working here.

Meet Alexandria

Alexandria has been with Noblis for three years and is currently a learning strategist for the company’s organization and professional development team. Before applying, Alexandria had never heard of Noblis. In fact, she says, “Before the interview, I was interested simply because of the recruiter’s engagement. In our conversations, he asked questions to understand what I was looking for. From the beginning of the process, I felt like he was an advocate for me. I soon realized this is typical of Noblis’ culture.”

How would you describe the work atmosphere at Noblis? 

Everyone at Noblis has been invested in my professional growth from day one. The atmosphere is collaborative and solution oriented. Noblis is filled with intelligent and diligent people who are positive and supportive of one another.

How important is diversity in the workplace? 

Diversity is critical to the success and survival of any company. I had a conversation with a colleague who shared that the value of a consultant is the outside perspective. Asking a single question can shift the direction of an entire project. If we can understand this concept from a services/consultant mindset, we should see that the same is true with internal teams. Diversity brings outside perspectives, generates new ideas, challenges us and produces greater empathy.

Can you speak specifically to flexibility and inclusivity at Noblis? 

With respect to flexibility, I moved to Alabama temporarily and am now working remotely there permanently. I appreciate my leadership for allowing me to make this change. I also enjoy flexibility with my schedule. I’m often able to work a half day on Fridays or manipulate my schedule for appointments, lunches, service, etc. This month I was able to read to an elementary classroom, meet with my mentor, attend an alumni lunch, take someone to the airport and go to physical therapy. This all happened during traditional work hours, and it was easy to adjust my schedule to accommodate this.

With respect to Inclusivity, everyone at Noblis has been open to collaborating with me or invested in my professional growth. I do sometimes find it uncomfortable to be myself at work and I struggle with imposter syndrome. However, colleagues at all levels are quick to recognize and thank me. I’ve become more confident knowing the impact of my work and that others value my expertise. Noblis is investing in diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) to understand and improve the experience of all employees. I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in this effort and I believe there will be ripples.

Tell us what Noblis’ mission of working for the public interest and doing what’s right means to you?

Outside of one summer job in my teenage years, I had never worked for a for profit company. I loved the idea of doing work that impacts lives. I connect most with Noblis’ Common Purpose which links the mission to the people. Our mission means that we put people over profits and we will do what is best for our customers. Noblis cares about protecting and serving our employees, customers and the nation. That’s something I can feel good about.

What advice would you give someone interested in joining the Noblis family?

Apply! Read the job description and apply even if you don’t have everything listed. If you don’t get invited for an interview, use the job description to help you design your own professional development plan. This will help you chart a course for the job you want.

What are some of your career goals?

Short term, I’d like to get my Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification. Long term I’d like to lead an organization development or learning team.