Blue background with image of orange sparks flying and the words "What's your spark?" next to a photo of the employee.A Noblis Employee Earns her Master’s

Congratulations to Meredith, a transportation analyst on Noblis’ Surface Transportation Systems team, who completed her master’s in Public Management from Johns Hopkins this May. Meredith feels a great sense of relief and gratitude that she has completed this milestone.

“This degree has opened some doors for me, especially in giving me a deeper understanding of the regulatory and compliance environment,” Meredith said. “One of the projects I’m working on now involves data licensing and maintenance requirements, so it’s great to have that sense of applying my academic work to what I do at Noblis.”

Meredith worked on her degree all through the pandemic, including a nine-month stretch when her husband was deployed for the Army. “Both Noblis and my team were very supportive of my commitment to my academic work and personal needs,” she said. “I’ve lived in three different time zones since starting with Noblis. Between moving and working on my degree, I felt so much encouragement from my team and especially from my manager.”

We know that Meredith is just one of many Noblis employees building their skills through educational opportunities. Hats off to all this year’s graduates, and an encouraging shout-out to those working toward completing a degree, certification or professional development program!