Noblis Presents Warrior Wednesdays: Dan Collins

We interviewed Dan Collins, U.S. Marines Gunnery Sergeant (Ret.) and current Project Management Technician, about his experience at Noblis as a U.S. military veteran. His story is below. See more Noblis “Warrior Wednesday” employee stories on our YouTube playlist. And explore more stories about how our employees are “re-imagining their spark” at Noblis.

Dan CollinsTell us about your military experience.

I was in the Marine Corps for 12 years. After completing my active duty, I went to work for the Department of Defense (DoD) where I was able to continue service for my country on projects bigger than myself.

My transition out of the military was tough. In my day, they gave you a form and thanked you for your service without offering much support for transitioning to a new job. I was on my own for that. It took me a year before I found the federal government as a new direction. I was actually taking a physical to return to active duty when the government called me about a job to work for the DoD and the rest is history.

What is your current role here at Noblis?

I am a Project Management Technician in Noblis’ Intelligence and Law Enforcement mission area supporting a government customer with acquisition expertise on high value research and development contracts. It is rewarding work as a trusted advisor to government program managers.

Tell us about the Noblis Military and Veterans Employee Resource Group (ERG).

Noblis has ERGs as part of their diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) program. I have been a member of the Military and Veterans ERG since it began about three years ago. It has allowed me to stay involved with veteran causes and take part in volunteer activities. Giving back is important to me. I appreciate that the company is also about giving back and supports these activities.

You also give back by mentoring others. Tell us about that experience.

I enjoy mentoring. I have been a mentor in the veteran community and in the federal space. Now I also get the opportunity to mentor other employees here at Noblis. I help them with the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification process and taking the PMP test. It is a grueling test, and I am there for employees working their way through that process.

What would you tell others who are transitioning from the military about Noblis?

Noblis has allowed me to continue service to my country and work on projects that are larger than myself. It is a very military friendly company.

Noblis has also embraced being a Hiring our Heroes (HOH) fellowship host company as part of a program run by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. I’m proud to help support this effort. We have three cohorts a year and have been doing it now for three years. So far, we have a great track record. We have hosted 12 fellows and have hired 11 of them.

As a nonprofit, Noblis is unique. They support employees in so many ways. One of the best examples I’ve seen is during federal shutdowns. During these times, Noblis makes sure everyone who typically works for our government customers, can still be on other chargeable projects. I can’t say I’ve seen all companies in our space be able to do that.

When you are leaving active duty, Noblis is very well situated in the government space, not just DoD but so many other agencies. This is the space I like to be in. Our opportunities give incoming veterans the chance to work on important projects and continue serving important missions.