Blue background with an image of orange sparks flying and the words "What's your spark?" next to Emma's photo.Career Development Spotlight: Meet Emma

Congratulations to Emma Williams, an environmental engineer at Noblis, who received her M.S. in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver in June. We caught up with Emma to find out what sparked her to continue her education through the Noblis Education Assistance Program (EAP).

Can you tell us a little about your degree program?

I received my master’s in science in environmental policy and management (EPM) with a concentration in environmental analytics and reporting. The EPM program allowed me to navigate the complex relationships between the environment, management and policy by learning and applying the tools and principles I need to thrive in this field.

What drew you to this program?

I studied chemical engineering in college, so I lacked that environmental policy background. However, I learned a lot throughout my work experience organically. After my first two years at Noblis, I knew I wanted to gain that formal academic background and specialize in environmental analytics, since I love to take data and create visualizations that can help tell a story. The EPM program at the University of Denver really met my needs.

What was the course work like?

I found the coursework fascinating, since all my courses directly corresponded with my Noblis customer work. My courses ranged widely, from environmental policy to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) standards and reporting to environmental economics and finance.

Did you have any favorite courses?

My favorite courses were the environmental policy and analytics courses. I enjoyed the environmental policy course because I experienced a lot of “aha” moments where I was able to connect the dots with my work at Noblis. The analytics courses were great since I developed projects that had relevance to our customer’s mission.

Was it difficult balancing work and study?

It was challenging at times, but the experience helped me to hone my time management skills. I also had an amazing support system with my Noblis colleagues, who allowed me to work flexible hours and constantly cheered me on. Having that support system motivated me to continue getting my degree.

How did you learn about the Noblis EAP?

I originally heard about this program as a 2018 Noblis summer intern. Once I joined the company full time, I continued to discuss higher education and the program with my former manager. I recommend looking into the EAP to all Noblis employees as it really helped make this possible for me.

Do you feel like your work and your studies have meshed well?

Definitely. I joined Noblis full time four years ago, but never imagined that I would go back to school. My Noblis work experience allowed me to figure out what I wanted to specialize in, and my graduate school experience has allowed me to become much more knowledgeable in focus areas that help my customers.

We know several Noblis employees are building their skills through educational opportunities. Hats off to all this year’s graduates, and an encouraging shout-out to those working toward completing a degree, certification or professional development program!