Join Noblis at the Joint Civil & DoD CBRN Symposium, June 8-9

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Noblis bioinformatics team will be onsite at the Joint Civil & DoD CBRN Symposium, June 8-9. Visit our table to:

  • Learn about Noblis’ full spectrum security and defense operations
  • See a live demo of our Portable DNA Sequencing and Analysis System
  • Hear from Noblis’ Chief Scientist, Sterling Thomas, about our new CBRNE-related research
About Noblis’ Security and Defense Operations

At Noblis, we know that developing leading-edge capabilities to detect, attribute, deter, respond to and prevent terrorist attacks is key to the security of our nation’s future. Noblis is uniquely equipped to model, assess, analyze, predict, characterize and deter the full range of CBRNE threats. This complex mission relies on our forward-thinking, sustainable solutions to improve threat awareness, enhance surveillance and detection and deploy effective countermeasures.

About Noblis’ Portable DNA Sequencing and Analysis System
Image of portable sequencing system, case open showing all components inside

Noblis’ Portable DNA Sequencing System is a field-ready solution that dramatically diminishes the turnaround time from sample collection to actionable insight by reducing the reliance on facilities-based sample processing and the need for a full-scale high-performance computing infrastructure. The system provides end-to-end sample processing and DNA sequencing of soil, water, swab and bacterial culture samples to identify biological agents in less than 3.5 hours as compared to laboratory-based solutions that take 24 hours or longer.

Learn more about this solution, to include its capacity to do miniaturized sample DNA extraction, amplification and automated library preparation, via the Noblis video.

About Noblis Chief Scientist, Sterling Thomas

Sterling Thomas headshot photo

Dr. Sterling Thomas is a chief scientist and deputy chief technology officer at Noblis, a leading provider of science, technology and strategy services to the federal government. He directs research in advanced analytics, infectious disease and life sciences for clients in state, federal and private sectors for projects ranging from developing human diagnostics to developing financial algorithms for equities markets. Thomas has been the principal investigator for a portfolio of diverse projects including the 2014 Ebola outbreak, infectious disease tracking and research, Web research focused on pursuing human traffickers, research in cybersecurity, evolutionary biology and the detection of synthetically engineered organisms.

Thomas earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Old Dominion University, an MBA from Columbia University, and a PhD in Integrated Life Sciences from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Noblis aligns scientific proficiency, specialized tools and advanced technologies with our federal clients’ mission needs.
We look forward to connecting with you at the symposium. If you would like to schedule time to meet our chief scientist
or a Noblis subject matter expert, please contact


Delivering best-in-class capabilities to ensure the nation’s safety and security

Our nation’s homeland security, defense and intelligence leaders face increasingly sophisticated adversaries with deadly chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) weapons. At Noblis, we know that developing leading-edge capabilities to detect, attribute, deter, respond to and prevent terrorist attacks is key to the security of our nation’s future. Learn More >


Advanced Analytics and Solutions for the Warfighter

The threats to our security are dynamic and complex. Those who protect our nation must remain on the cutting-edge of technology to ensure efficient and secure defense operations. Noblis is a mission-driven, trusted source doing impactful work that generates significant technical improvements for our clients. Learn More >

biodefense and biosecurity imageTHE NOBLIS BIOPORTAL

Explore cutting-edge bioinformatics research and tools from Noblis

Noblis has developed in-house tools that enable advanced bioinformatic analysis in a variety of domains. Backed by a team of subject matter experts, Noblis can leverage our tools along with open source applications to quickly solve a variety of complex problems. Learn More >

Noblis is Hiring for CBRNE Missions – Learn More & Apply >