Noblis Experience Corporate Awards: Meet Brian

The Noblis Experience Corporate Award recognizes employees who go above and beyond to consistently deliver exceptional service to customers and colleagues by leveraging our common purpose and service standards and behaviors. This series spotlights recipients of this award and their stories.

Brian Telle

Brian is a mechanical engineer working at Noblis MSD as part of Noblis’ Defense Mission Area. He joined the company in late 2021 and had an incredible impact within his first year. His experience as a former government employee brought a familiarity and understanding to the customers’ work and processes, making him instrumental in the development of critical Installation Requirements Documents (IRDs).

Shortly after starting at the company, the customer Brian was working with reported an issue with the design of several assemblies that, if not resolved quickly, would result in missing a target delivery date. His team was asked to propose a course of action and Brian went above and beyond to resolve the issue.

The day the team was notified of the issue, Brian came up with a solution and collected the assemblies. He gathered tools and used technical drawings to personally adjust the assemblies. Because of his efficient and innovative thinking, the team was able to deliver the corrected assemblies the next business day. His solution saved time and money for the customer and allowed them to meet their delivery schedule.

Brian had a short time to adjust to his new role but has been incredibly effective. He also works to continuously improve the IRD development process. His attention to detail ensures accuracy and saves the government hundreds of thousands of dollars in document changes and installation cost increases.

Congratulations, Brian, on receiving the Noblis Experience Corporate Award! And thank you for bringing the Noblis Experience to life!

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