Celebrating Women’s History Month – Meet Tara

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are recognizing the women of Noblis and the positive impacts they have on our organization, our customers’ missions and the nation.

Tara, Senior Systems EngineerTara is a systems engineer at Noblis MSD helping to advance U.S. Navy missions as part of Noblis’ Defense mission area. She first began working alongside the Navy customer as part of McKean Defense, which Noblis acquired in 2021 and subsequently rebranded as Noblis MSD, and continues this work today. Of note, Tara partnered with our internal Digital Engineering Center of Excellence to bring the concept and capabilities of Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to the Noblis MSD San Diego team and its government customers.

In 2021, Tara proposed and was selected to lead a proof-of-concept Noblis Sponsored Research (NSR) project to tackle the concept of transforming legacy design documentation into a Systems Modeling Language (SysML) model. Her project caught the attention of several U.S. Navy program managers and lead system integrators who received a demonstration of the research project.

Expanding on her success, in 2022, Tara proposed and received funding to take the MBSE/SysML model research project to the next level which led to a government-funded task to provide a proof-of-concept model of another Navy network. The solution enables the customer to evaluate changes in a system baseline and the associated impacts and develop changes to introduce new capabilities for future designs. The new solution—which automates the process—also eliminates spreadsheets, drawings and documents that previously were produced manually.

As the principal investigator, Tara now manages the team developing the MBSE solution for afloat network shipsets for our Naval customer. Although she leads the project, she is the first to point out that its success stems from the strong collaboration among the team and patient mentoring from colleagues including Noblis’ Chief MBSE Architect.

A true leader, Tara exemplifies Noblis’ culture of collaboration that starts with the spark of innovation and results in a solution that solves a real challenge through science and technology. She and her team are working together to help to advance U.S. Navy missions and making our nation safer through their passion for excellence and innovation. Thank you, Tara!