Advancing the Safety and Efficiency of Air Transportation

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Noblis is committed to supporting the transformation of our nation’s airspace through the effective and efficient delivery of critical telecommunications, networking infrastructure, and the integration of emerging technologies that will carry us into the next generation of air travel. We bring the best of scientific thought, engineering, and management expertise to develop impartial and impactful solutions to complex air traffic and other enterprise-level system of systems problems. We ensure the success of transformational FAA programs to enable air traffic operations like Data Communications (Data Comm), System Wide Information Management (SWIM), Enterprise Information Display System (E-IDS), and FAA Enterprise Network Services (FENS).

We never lose focus on the mission. Combining our domain knowledge with state-of-the-art know-how puts Noblis on the front line of the most difficult and visible enterprise-level challenges.

Our Offerings

Noblis has a proven record supporting the full acquisition lifecycle for large-scale aviation and business support systems. We ensure that your acquisition program is ready for each milestone decision by combining our expertise in FAA’s Acquisition Management System (AMS), program management, and cross-cutting technical and functional domain areas. Our experts have both the knowledge and experience with acquisition management regulation to be the contractor of choice for large, highly complex communication and air traffic systems procurements. We offer an integrated suite of secure, web-based software solutions to manage the full lifecycle of your acquisition from requirements definition through source selection and contract award.

Noblis successfully manages complex projects and programs across a wide spectrum of services by pairing unmatched subject matter expertise with repeatable, industry-based processes and best practices. Our mission as a nonprofit organization working in the public interest keeps us conflict-free and objective when advising our federal clients. Our advisory support spans the entire system lifecycle from program formulation through retirement. We combine expertise, rigor, and sound judgement to ensure solutions are developed and fielded within budget and schedule constraints, while meeting approved program baseline milestones.

Noblis modeling and simulation capabilities provide reality-based and data-driven methods to demonstrate the operational feasibility and benefits of emerging client solutions. We use both custom developed and commercially available tools to build, calibrate, and validate models in support of FAA programs. By evaluating hundreds of simulation scenarios, we establish the benefits and impacts of air traffic operations as a result of introducing new capabilities alongside variances in the air traffic environment, such as convective weather, traffic management initiatives, high-volume, as well as future airport infrastructure and possible airspace designs.

Our work portfolio includes demonstrating the value of integrating space-based ADS-B data for use in U.S. oceanic airspace, analyzing the impacts of using satellite surveillance during radar outages and severe weather, and determining the benefits of decision-support capabilities, including those introduced by the Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM) Program.

Noblis is a leader in System Engineering and Integration (SE&I). We partner with the FAA to organize, define, and integrate new capabilities into the National Airspace System (NAS). We collaborate with our clients to deploy innovative technologies that satisfy their requirements while sustaining legacy systems that are critical to current operations. We use computer-aided design tools and methods like Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to quickly and accurately develop system models and simulations, showing how systems should work, and the benefits and costs of implementation.

Our SE&I approach provides the framework to manage requirements and guides program offices through inherent risks and challenges of system acquisition, development and integration. Noblis also helps its FAA clients develop System Integration Plans for Complex Systems and System of Systems, including Data Comm and E-IDS, to support testing at the William J. Hughes Technical Center and field implementation activities. We provide the verification and validation for all requirements, assuring that new systems will operate effectively and provide planned efficiencies. Noblis SE&I assures that all stakeholders get what they need to improve the performance of the NAS and enable it to accommodate new entrants such as commercial space flight and unmanned aeronautical systems (UAS).

Noblis partners with our FAA clients to build and deploy software solutions that enable and support the agency’s mission. Our experts led a large, multi-year effort to modernize and integrate a portfolio of eight legacy web-based applications while simultaneously operating, maintaining, and enhancing those applications to keep pace with evolving needs.

Continuous user engagement is paramount to achieving successful outcomes. We engage users throughout our software design, development, and implementation process to ensure the solution meets the need and delivers positive user experiences (UX). Our teams of certified agile software professionals apply standardized processes appraised at CMMI-DEV Maturity Level 3 with DevOps and agile management tools to effectively manage projects at scale and deliver results. We bring innovative thought and development frameworks that reduce lines of code—and development time— and enable companion native mobile applications across all major platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile) to satisfy information needs ranging from executives on-the-go to technicians performing enhanced field data collection activities.