Noblis Experience Corporate Awards: Meet Charles

The Noblis Experience Corporate Award recognizes employees who go above and beyond to consistently deliver exceptional service to customers and colleagues by leveraging our common purpose and service standards and behaviors. This series spotlights recipients of this award and their stories.

Charles OttoCharles is an engineer in Noblis’ Intelligence and Law Enforcement mission area. He is committed to bringing the best to make our nation safer through the innovative solutions he designs for our federal customers.

As part of his work for Noblis, Charles has developed and integrated digital solutions to combat transnational organized crime. He has helped implement enhanced security and gender-neutral body scanner algorithms that facilitate safer and more secure travel, and he has received eleven patents.

As a lead engineer, Charles has been integral in several significant client initiatives to include helping to integrate an investigative forensics platform for a Noblis homeland security customer, and developing a top-performing recognition algorithm that could help the customer innovate their scanner technology. The algorithm significantly enhances detection by characterizing smaller and more challenging threats compared to the currently used algorithm. It also reduces the false alarm rate, which in turn increases efficiencies and reduces operating costs. The algorithm is gender-neutral, meaning there is no need to run a specific algorithm based on a person’s gender – a requirement identified by our customer as a priority as it enhances an individual’s civil rights.

Charles’ contributions to Noblis go beyond his technical expertise and innovation. He leads Noblis’ Machine Learning (ML) Lab reading group, which provides opportunities for his colleagues to stay up to date on state-of-the-art research in the ML domain while gaining valuable presentation experience. He also contributed significantly to Noblis’ business development priorities resulting in key proposal wins.

Congratulations, Charles, on receiving the Noblis Experience Corporate Award! And thank you for bringing the Noblis Experience to life!

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