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Noblis is proud to have a diverse staff, and as part of our Women’s History Month celebration, we are recognizing women who positively impact our clients, organization and overall mission to enrich lives and protect our nation. We are honored to feature these women and share their thoughts on their careers, their most pivotal moments, who inspires them and more.

headshot of Lori VentimigliaMeet Lori

Lori Ventimiglia is the division vice president for the Naval Warfare System Command (NAVWAR) portfolio at Noblis MSD. She leads the NAVWAR enterprise business development and operations for the company’s Naval mission area. Before joining Noblis MSD, Lori founded Cabrillo Technologies (now part of the Noblis MSD subsidiary). Throughout her career, Lori has developed technical solutions for the Naval Research Laboratory, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics for variousNavy System Commands (NAVSEA, NAVAIR, NAVWAR) and industry to deliver and sustain system and network operations for both afloat and ashore programs.

What made you pursue a career in technology systems and solutions?

It was a fluke, when my sister and her fiancé decided to move to the Washington D.C. area, I thought it would be a nice change to go there as well. Once in D.C., I started as a receptionist where I first learned networking technologies and was responsible for the installation of our office network using AppleTalk. I moved into a graphics job for the U.S. Army, then to the U.S. Navy where I developed mixed Intel/Apple networks at the Naval Research Laboratory. My next move was to Johns Hopkins Applied Laboratory as a UNIX system administrator/installer and then to San Diego, California as a network lead working for the Navy. I moved within the company and became a developer, DBA and system integrator for commercial telecom for three years before moving back to Navy programs at NAVWAR. Due to many reorganizations and changes I ended up as a division manager leading a networking design team of over 250 engineers and analysts. In 2013 I started Cabrillo as president, an affiliate company under what was then known as McKean Defense. McKean was acquired by Noblis in May 2020 and is now Noblis MSD.

Can you tell us about a pivotal point/proudest achievement in your career? 

Honestly, not accepting a job offer that would have put me on a different career track. Staying where I was at the time helped me to move into a role that allowed me to become the division VP. If I had taken the role I was offered, I would not have been at the right place at the right time for that opportunity.

What’s one thing that your colleagues don’t know or have been surprised by when they find out? 

Colleagues are generally surprised to learn how much I like to go garage sale hunting.

What was it about Noblis, our mission, or our culture that influenced your decision to come to, or stay at, Noblis? 

Noblis MSD (formerly McKean Defense) was acquired by Noblis, so that was by default. But why do I stay? The technology expertise and exciting opportunities for employees. It is all about the opportunity for my employees in a technology company. The work Cabrillo Technologies was doing before the acquisition aligns well with Noblis. This alignment provides us with solid expertise and capabilities to bid larger technological bids, which equals growth for the company.

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